Wordee, words set you free!

Wordee was created for beautiful, strong, worthy women. Our mission is to inspire you, to motivate you, to be there for you in any situation and to remind you everything you are. You are enough, worthy, beautiful, smart, sexy, unbreakable and the list continues with the words that were transformed into gorgeous accesories. 

Why earrings?

Because our ears are responsible for hearing, we perceive our reality a lot by sound and sight and when you can't look at yourself, we are there, next to your ear and we remind you how incredible you are.

Why plastic and wood?

Because they are light, very light, you will not feel the weight of the earrings even if they are big.

Why this size?

Because we consider these earrings a manifest, a statement to yourself so you have to acknowledge that you have them in your years.

How can Wordee change your life?

That is easy, wordee can only change your state of mind, your life is in your hands but remember that your decissions depend entirely on your state of mind.

Which is the short story of me, creator of Wordee?

I am a women, mother of two incredible boys, people around me tell me I am a strong, independent, succeful woman. I am all that but in the same time I am kind, vulnerable, sometimes naive. At the age of 35 I decided I want to live the life of my dreams so I made some changes. 4 years later I lost 37 kg, I changed completely my apperarance, I divorced, I sold my shares in a succesful company, I moved into a new home and I have a healthy relationship with the most incredible man. I had to leave behind everything that was holding me back and search for my purpose in life. And I found it.

I am good with words, I can express myself in words, in speaking or writing and as I observe I can make people feel the emotions I felt in a situation I am describing. I think it is a great quality so I decided to create also a product line so I can offer humankind my perspective about life, I desire to motivate, inspire and support you even if you can't hear my encouraging words, you can wear them !

For the past 4 years in my search of my true self I realised that understanding myself better I understand everyone else better. I have read a lot of books, I went to numerous retreats in the pursuit of the true me and the most iimportant thing I undersand now is that I am more then a pretty face, I more then a company, a big house, a fancy car, I more then my succesm I am more then any material thing that exists in my life. I am light, I am soul, I am flesh, I am emotions, I am thoughts, I am creation, I am creator and even more.

This idea that I am everything and I can do anything as long as I am connected to my true self makes me highly intuitive and I truely can manifest in my life anything I want. And trust me when you are connected to your true self you don't want things, objects, you search for experiences and feelings.

So this is my invitation to you, to see yourself with all the good or bad traits you have (you have them, they are not you) and discover your true authentic self, show it to the world, express yourself as you are and you will be surrounded by acceptance, kindness and love. You offer these to yourself first and then to others. In a split your whole life changes.

I hope that I inspired you enough that you start your journey now. See you soon!